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  1. A Review of Equipment Reviews

    Not all reviews are the same.

    Looking for a fair review of a GMRS radio youíre interested in? So are a lot of people. They would like to get a good idea of the features of the equipment and how it performs. Maybe even a comparison with other radios. Well, good luck.

    Guess I should explain. There are basically two kinds of reviews.

    There are reviews by those who have actually paid for the equipment with their own money. They give a review based ...
  2. New Secretary Appointed

    Our previous Secretary for the AGRC resigned the position on June 22, 2022. Since that time, the position has been open.

    I would like to announce that a new Secretary, Keith Morrison (WRKJ520), has been appointed. We appreciate him stepping up to get the job done. His appointment is subject to approval of the full Board.

    If you talk to Keith, make sure to congratulate him!
  3. Arizona GMRS Connection Fest 2022 - Presentations

    Well, the Connection Fest for this year went really well.

    We appreciate everyone who attended. Thanks go out to the many involved putting it together.

    Below there is a link to the presentations that were at the event:

    There is also a 40-page glossary of two-way radio terms attached to this post. Hopefully, you ...
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  4. FCC Fee Update

    UPDATE: March 23, 2022 - Today the FCC announced the effective date of the new fee schedule will be April 19, 2022. The date has been extended several times, but the application fee for a GMRS license will be reduced to $35.00. For the full article, go to this link:
  5. Buckeye Marathon

    The Buckeye Marathon is coming up on Saturday, January 8th. The AGRC/AESG has been involved with assisting the City of Buckeye with this event for many years and itís now back on! Participating members will receive a snack lunch and a free t-shirt.

    Make sure that you go to the link below to sign up for this event. Just follow the steps below:

    1. Go to this link, select a location and sign up:
    2. In ...
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