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  1. The "Project"

    I finally finished the "Project" as I have termed it, just to ad a note of secrecy. It is my version of a Ham Radio Go-Box. The grab and go Ham radio station for emergency or portable use. I will be attending the meeting next week and have it on display and taking any questions etc. See you then.Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Manually program my TK8360


    How do I manually program my TK 8360 with the updated repeater frequencies.

    Kindest regards,

    Zach Heisinger
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  3. Smiley 5/8 Slim Duck 465

    If you're looking for a new rubber-duck style antenna to get the most from your HT wattage, take a look at the Smiley Antenna 5/8 Slim Duck 465 ($24.50 In my testing with my Nano VNA, the SWR at GMRS frequencies is low, well below 2:1. It has an interchangeable base, so you can move it from one style of HT to another with a different antenna connector simply by buying the $6 base connector for the new radio. I have not had a chance to do much ...
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  4. Part 90 Radios Are Allowed On GMRS Per FCC

    Here is the link to a document by the FCC:

    In it there is the question of if GMRS is allowed to use Part 90 radios.
    In the Notes section of the document:
    Per n149 of FCC 17-57, the preceding serves to “clarify” the preceding/replaced 95.655(a):
    – n149 Several commenters are concerned that the proposal to prohibit combination radios would prevent GMRS licensees
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  5. Recommended Radios For GMRS

    This is not a complete list, it will be updated as needed.
    Part 90 Exceeds Part 95 GMRS Specs

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