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  1. Part 90 Radios Are Allowed On GMRS Per FCC

    Here is the link to a document by the FCC:

    In it there is the question of if GMRS is allowed to use Part 90 radios.
    In the Notes section of the document:
    Per n149 of FCC 17-57, the preceding serves to “clarify” the preceding/replaced 95.655(a):
    – n149 Several commenters are concerned that the proposal to prohibit combination radios would prevent GMRS licensees
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  2. Podcast February, 2019

  3. Recommended Radios For GMRS

    This is not a complete list, it will be updated as needed.
    Part 90 Exceeds Part 95 GMRS Specs

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  4. Podcast Embed Test

    Testing the embed code for the podcast.

  5. Pause and Take a Breath

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    As a two-way radio professional, I have heard the question asked numerous times “Why does the first syllable of my conversations cut off when I am using the repeater?” and sometimes people even ask this question regarding direct (simplex) radio communication. This article explains why that occurs and while the title of this article may give you a clue as to the most logical solution, the full article goes on to provide you with a thorough understanding what’s behind ...
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