Mute Your Stereo Automatically

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Do you like to cruise down the road with your Radio blaring, or even just at a normal listening volume?
Your not alone. It's annoying having to turn down the radio, or off, when you want to transmit. Sometimes it can also be hard to hear what's being said without turning it down - it's a constant battle between the stereo and the two way.

Ever want a solution that takes care of doing this for you automatically? I did, and I found one.
Most cars, and especially aftermarket stereo systems, have a wire that "mutes" the radio when a telephone call comes in.
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A product called TX Detection Switch from Rogus Innovations ( monitors the power usage of the radio, and when transmitting, sends a ground signal through your stereo's mute wire, muting the radio so you can talk without the audio going over the air (which is frowned upon) and possibly not being able to be understood. You can also set how long you want the stereo to be muted after you have finished transmitting, from 0 seconds to 30 seconds.
If you want to hear messages clearly when they are being received (and you can combine this with the TX Detection switch) and not have your stereo drown them out, the same company also offers the CBM-VOX, an audio activated switch. It performs the same function, but only when receiving transmissions. This unit is pre-configured to continue muting the radio for 3 seconds after the last transmission, incase someone else decides to pipe up.
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The company also offers an interesting product that will allow you to utilize your vehicle's stereo speakers with the same functionality, eliminating the need for an external speaker. The products are also not limited to two-way radios - you can use them with scanners, radar detectors, etc. - anything you want to hear clearly.
These products are affordable at $49.95 to 69.95.
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Chris Formeister is a general AGRC member and a Computer Technician with 20 years of experience. A tinkerer at heart, Chris has a penchant for modifying and adapting products to suit his or others needs outside of their original design intention.

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