Part 90 Radios Are Allowed On GMRS Per FCC

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Here is the link to a document by the FCC:

In it there is the question of if GMRS is allowed to use Part 90 radios.
In the Notes section of the document:
Per n149 of FCC 17-57, the preceding serves to “clarify” the preceding/replaced 95.655(a):
– n149 Several commenters are concerned that the proposal to prohibit combination radios would prevent GMRS licensees from using surplus
Part 90 equipment in GMRS. ... This is not our intent.
We will continue to certify equipment that meets the respective technical standards for
Part 90 (land mobile) and Part 95 (GMRS) in both services, if requested. However, we are amending the language in new section 95.1761(c)
to clarify the requirement in old section 95.655(a) that Part 95 GMRS radios will not be certified if they are equipped with the capabilities to
operate in services that do not require equipment certification, such as the Amateur Radio Service.
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    Thanks for posting this clarification, Chris!