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The White Tank 550 Alpha repeater is now linked to the Scottsdale 700 Alpha repeater. You should now be able to hear the nets and other radio traffic on the 550 repeater on the 700 repeater, as well. If you are in northeast Phoenix or Scottsdale, you have the option of using the 700 repeater instead. Remember that linked repeaters need extra time to connect through the link and transmit. Each time you transmit, press the PTT button, wait a second, then begin speaking. After another station is done transmitting, you may hear a beep indicating they are on a linked repeater. Wait two seconds after they are done transmitting (or you hear the beep) and then begin your transmission. This should allow a smooth transition to our linked repeater system. In the future, they may also be linked to a Mesa repeater.

The work done by Mike Manning, Chris Guth and Randy Power to get this completed is very much appreciated.

Updated 05-03-2021 at 02:26 AM by WQUZ645