A Review of Equipment Reviews

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Not all reviews are the same.

Looking for a fair review of a GMRS radio you’re interested in? So are a lot of people. They would like to get a good idea of the features of the equipment and how it performs. Maybe even a comparison with other radios. Well, good luck.

Guess I should explain. There are basically two kinds of reviews.

There are reviews by those who have actually paid for the equipment with their own money. They give a review based on their own honest observations of the capabilities and performance of the radio. They are not compensated for their input.

Then, there are reviews by people who are sent free radio equipment and other free stuff (like t-shirts and hats) by the seller or manufacturer. In addition, they may have affiliate links for which they are paid. These reviewers are motivated to give a good review. Financially motivated.

An example of the first type (not compensated) review is one by Lyle. In it, the MXT275 Midland model is reviewed. The reviewer goes over the features of the radio. Both the pros and cons are explained. The reviewer does appear to know something about two-way radio. He seems to tell what he really thinks about it.

A link to that review is here: https://youtu.be/a_9jugPLgRg

Then, we have an example of a compensated review. This is done by a YouTube channel called “Pickens Party of 5”. They are reviewing the Midland Micromobile MXT275 and an X-talker hand-held radio. They do go over the features of the equipment, but, amazingly, there are only pros and no cons. An installation of the mobile radio is also shown. This seems like a nice enough family. Even so, it is clear they know next to nothing about two-way radios. A microphone is called “a hand-held” and no SWR check was done on the mobile installation.

A link to that review is here: https://youtu.be/d6ANiq03cA4

See the difference? Hopefully, this gives you a decent explanation of reviews and how to evaluate them. Here’s a link to the AGRC list of radio equipment cleared for use on our repeaters: https://www.azgmrs.org/suggested-radio-list-1

By the way, there are no affiliate links below.