Regular Membership Application

Regular Membership Application
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Agree To Terms

=== PART 95 & Part 90 Radio Equipment Only Allowed ===

I understand that the Arizona GMRS Repeater Club, Inc. (AGRC) exists, among other purposes, to promote the proper and courteous use of the General Mobile Radio Service for the benefit of all members and licensed users, as well as to maintain the AGRC repeater systems.

I understand that the club utilizes split tones and codes on the input and output frequencies.

I understand that the club requires the use of Part 95 or Part 90 certified radios. All equipment should have narrow band (12.5 kHz) and wide band (25 kHz) capability, unless wide band is not available.

The following radio equipment, systems or emissions are NOT authorized for use on AGRC repeaters:

a. Converted or out of band Amateur radios.
b. Formerly FCC authorized dual-use FRS/GMRS radios.
c. Currently FCC authorized FRS radio equipment.
d. Digital emissions, except those specifically authorized by the FCC.
e. Any other non-compliant systems or equipment

I understand that there is no expectation of privacy while using AGRC repeater systems, since these systems are available for public listening 24 hours per day on the radio as well as on the internet. Further, these systems may be recorded for documentation or for any other purpose deemed necessary by AGRC.

I understand and agree to comply at all times, while a member, with the Bylaws and policies of the AGRC and with all FCC regulations as they exist or are hereinafter enacted. It is understood that violations may result in action taken against members, up to and including revocation.

I further understand and agree to pay all dues at the agreed upon time; and that, when directed, verbally or in writing, by a AGRC officer to immediately cease operation of radio transmitting equipment using repeater facilities under the control of AGRC. I will also, as soon as possible, notify the Secretary or other officer of any change in contact information that I have provided.

Regular Membership is per Year (365 Days)

Application Process:

When you submit this membership application it will be sent to the Board Members for approval, this can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Once your application is approved the Treasurer will send you an email requesting payment with instructions.

Once payment have been received and processed you will be given access to the website that includes the club frequencies and tones used.

If you have any questions during this process please use the Contact Us link on our site.